Oklahoma man at Disneyland-Paris during attack

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Keith Dinwiddie is an Oklahoma native and graduate of the University of Oklahoma.

Recently, he moved to France, to be with his family. Dinwiddie met his future wife at OU, where she was an exchange student.

This past week, he took his family on a five-hour drive to Disneyland-Paris.  They were there when the deadly terror attacks which killed at least 129 people and injured hundreds more happened Friday.

He tells us the family was having a good time, until they heard about the attack.  By the next morning, everything changed.

"There was a completely different atmosphere," said Dinwiddie.  "In the hotel, people were scurring around and people were nervous."

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Also, Disneyland officials decided to close Saturday.

The family then headed home, but the five hour trip was not the same.

"We noticed the highway, or the auto route, was much more clear of people than it was Wednesday, when we traveled to Disneyland-Paris," Dinwiddie said.

Plus, there was added security at the toll booths.

"Large police vans with a number of police officers outside of those vans as people go through those tolls," Dinwiddie said.

He tells us there seems to be a consensus among the French people on what needs to happen moving forward.

"I sense there is a call to do things a little bit differently," Dinwiddie said.  "Whatever change that puts France in a position where they're not so vulnerable."