OKC bombing 20 years later: Survivor shares emotional, first-hand account

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The 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing is days away.

On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Now,as the anniversary approaches, survivors are remembering.

The explosion at 9:02 that morning killed 168 people, including 19 children, and injured more than 500 others.

Florence Rogers told FOX23 that day is still very clear in her mind, like it just happened. She said this anniversary shows the world that an act of terror, which was meant to divide the country, did the opposite.

Rogers was inside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

“My offices were on the third floor of the Murrah building. I lost 18 employees that day. Eight of them were in the same room where I survived out of. They all disappeared,” said Rogers.

Scared, and not knowing what to do, “I could see fire, and my thoughts were 'the building's on fire, and I’m going to get out of here even if I have to jump out and break an ankle,'” said Rogers.

An employee from the floor above told her to climb out onto the window ledge.

“They reached down to my wrist. I leaned forward, and they were able to pull me up, where they were, by my wrist. Then we walked down stairs that were pretty well filled with debris at that time,” she said.

“I found out later that there was 18 inches of floor that hadn’t broken away [and] that saved my life.”

She walked away with only a tear in her dress, which is now on display at the memorial museum.

She says she’s alive because of God.

“I kind of have to pinch myself every now and then and realize what a miracle my existence really was,” she said.

She said she never allowed herself to become angry about that day or to hate McVeigh or Terry Nichols, because it would have only hurt her and not them.