Officer voids ticket after driver's kind gesture

A speeding ticket that turned into a heartwarming gesture is going viral at a time when police are coming under fire, not knowing when or if they will make it home.

Mike Powers was driving from Nashville, Tennessee to Mississippi for work, when he was pulled over in the town of Batesville for speeding, WJTV reported.

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Dreading the ticket, Powers took a moment and asked Mississippi state trooper Jason Ales how his day was going.

"I said how are you and how are the officers in Mississippi doing in light of all the senseless killings of police officers. He said he's doing good and it's tough and he was going to keep doing what he needed to do to help people," Powers said.

After Ales gave Powers the ticket, Powers gave the trooper a wooden bracelet.

"I was so touched by it I almost teared up there," Ales told WJTV. "I gave this man a ticket now worth maybe two hundred something dollars, but still out of his kindness he wanted to give me something."

Ales, who hung the bracelet on the car's dashcam, voided the speeding ticket.

"With the stuff that's going on with officers, that right there was so positive we needed that, I mean I needed that," Ales said.

"My day was stressful because I was trying to get somewhere I didn't think I'd make it to. That was nothing to what he deals with on a daily basis, the stress has to deal with not knowing if he's going to make it back home," Powers said.

Powers took the money he would have spent paying the ticket and donated it to help kids at a Mississippi children's home.