Officer rescues chihuahua from freeway divider

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A tiny Chihuahua was alive and well and at an animal shelter after a California Highway Patrol officer  from Contra Costa County rescued her from a freeway center divider last Friday.

The officer's CHP office tweeted a photo of the rescue.

The endearing photo shows the small Chihuahua crouched on the center divider of Interstate 680, near the North Main Street overpass, in Walnut Creek.

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The officer used pieces of a protein bar to lure the little dog closer to him until he was able to pick her up.

Authorities did not know how the Chihuahua made it to the center divider, but a CHP spokesperson said dogs and kittens get abandoned on freeway dividers with some regularity.

Not surprisingly, many people have replied to the Contra Costa CHP’s initial tweet, offering to adopt the dog.