Nurses jump into action after deadly tornado strikes Mississippi

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Shortly after a tornado touched down in Holly Springs on Wednesday afternoon, first responders began searching for survivors.

FOX13 spoke to nurses who jumped into action when they just happened to be driving by an extensively damaged neighborhood.

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"As I was traveling down the road there was destruction everywhere," nurse Sherry Keel said. "There were about 20 houses leveled. There were 20 to 25 vehicles that were thrown all in the woods, destroyed."

Another nurse, Jennifer Tipler, said she saw people lying on the ground with a range of injures, "some life-threatening."

"It was just, I mean, destruction everywhere," she said. "[There were] vehicles spun around, houses completely flattened, trailers thrown -- people were thrown. [There were] open wounds, people crying and it was just horrifying."

Rescue crews begin their search for survivors again at 7 a.m. Thursday.

"There's no telling what's down there because it's dark and you can't see ... beyond the houses," Keel said.