Night janitor vacuums special messages into rugs every night

A night janitor who never interacts with the elementary school kids he cleans up after still manages to make them smile every morning.

Ron Munsey is a janitor at Peter Woodbury School in Bedford, New Hampshire. Every night as he’s doing his rounds, he vacuums playful designs into the rugs.

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So far, his designs have included Charlie Brown, shooting stars and the White House.

"I figured it would be a relaxing job," Munsey told Inside Edition. "I was vacuuming one day, we got a couple new rugs, and I thought, 'You can do a lot with this.'"

"He's obviously putting his time and creativity into something you'd think was a simple job but he's taking it to the next level," teacher Angie Peron Wyand told ABC News. "He's always very helpful. If you need something he'll get it for you right away."

Even though Musney doesn’t see the kids during the day, administrators are happy to see him go the extra mile for them.

"His shift is when the kids are gone, so oftentimes they lack that connection between the night staff and the students here in the day," assistant principal Dan Mitchell told ABC News. "It really drives home the point that there are so many people that come in here after you’re gone and they work so hard to make a safe, comfortable and happy place for you to learn. He’s an employee of the school, but he’s a stranger to the kids so to take that extra time with these small gestures really drives home that personal connection."

Teachers and students alike love coming in to the carpet designs every morning.

"One of the teachers said all the kids come in every day, and they say, ‘Wow, look at the rugs,'" Munsey told Inside Edition. "I met a parent yesterday and they actually said thank you. Her daughter talks about it every day when she comes home."