New radar guns could help cops nab those texting while driving

Credit: Joe Kelley

Credit: Joe Kelley

The next time you're cruising in your car and glimpse a cop on the side of the road aiming a radar gun at you, be aware that slowing down may not save you from a ticket.

New radar devices in development aren't meant to clock car speed, but instead can detect if a person is texting behind the wheel.

A Virginia-based company called ComSonics is currently developing technology that picks up radar frequencies emitted from cellphones.

Sending a text emits a completely different frequency than, say, using the phone's GPS or streaming music.

The radar utilizes similar technology to the tools cable repairmen use to find frequency leaks in a transmission when a cable is damaged.

The company says it is still working on a way to figure out who sent the text in cars that contain multiple people.

ComSonics' calibration services manager says that the text-detecting device is close to production, but would still need to gain legal approval before law enforcement could begin using it.

Texting behind the wheel is currently illegal in 44 states.