New emojis are coming for 2019, include service dogs, inclusivity, sloth

If you communicate relying on emojis to get your point across, more images will be added in 2019.

The Unicode Consortium, which oversees the picture communications, have announced that there will be even more emojis in the coming months, including more inclusive singles and couples, as well as images that show service dogs, wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.

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There are also new food items like garlic, waffles, oysters and a juice box. The menagerie is also expanding with a sloth, otter and flamingo joining the animals category, Marie Claire reported.

There will be 59 new emojis, 230 if you count all the gender and race variations, after Tuesday's approval by the consortium, Engadget reported.

There's no firm release date, but they're expected to hit Apple, Google and Android later this year, the BBC reported.

The consortium said you could expect them to appear on mobile phones in September or October, but they may be available earlier than that.