New ad campaign fat-shames Chipotle restaurants

A new ad campaign called Chubby Chipotle has launched a "head on" attack against the popular upscale fast-food chain.

In a full-page New York Post ad (see video), the words "eat two 'all natural' Chipotle burritos a week and you could gain 40 pounds a year" accompany a photo of a hefty male.

The campaign is funded by Center for Consumer Freedom, which includes food and health advocates and lawyers.

"They've built up this idea that somehow their food is better for you, that it's healthier for you," CCF's Director of Research Will Coggin told the Washington Post.

Chipotle, which uses the slogan "Food With Integrity," is referred to as "food with hypocrisy" on the Chubby Chipotle website.

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The restaurant "claims to be ethical but its marketing is highly unscientific and harms animal welfare," the website says.

It then pokes holes in specific Chipotle terminology ("gmo-free, sustainable, sofrito" etc.).

It compares the chain's calorie counts to those from McDonald's and criticizes the company's stance against antibiotics, claiming medicine is actually good and necessary for farm animals to survive.

Chipotle responded to the claims, denying them, and acknowledging the company has been criticized about for the same things in the past.

The chain's director of operations even questioned CCF's reputation and its sources of funding.

Coggin says there is more to come from the campaign.

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