NASCAR joins fight against Confederate flag

NASCAR is the latest big company backing the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse in Columbia. 
NACAR posted this statement on its website that reads in part:

As our industry works collectively to ensure that all fans are welcome at our races, NASCAR will continue our long-standing policy to disallow the use of the Confederate Flag symbol in any official NASCAR capacity. While NASCAR recognizes that freedom of expression is an inherent right of all citizens, we will strive for an inclusive environment at our events.

In an interview in 2005, NASCAR CEO and Chairman Brian France told 60 Minutes, "It's not a flag I look at with anything favorable. That's for sure."

But when asked if he could ban the flag from the track he said, "I think that you get into freedom of speech and all of the rest of it. All we can do is get behind the most important flag, the American Flag."

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