NASA’s looking for someone to protect the earth from ‘aliens’

It’s the “Men in Black” for real. Well, sort of.

NASA is looking for a new planetary protection officer. Yes, that's a real government position that has recently been listed on the government job site, USA Jobs.

No you won’t be doing experiments on grays, or stopping ET from phoning home.

What the planetary protection officer will try to do is block organic and biological contamination from reaching the Earth and protecting the rest of the universe from us, CNBC reported.

Other than the out-of-this-world title, the person who gets the job will be paid between $124,406 and $187,000 a year.

According to CNBC, there are only two planetary protection officers in the world: the position that NASA is currently looking to fill, and one in the European Space Agency.

The planetary protection officer position will be for three years, with a possible two-year extension. There are several missions planned by NASA over that time period, including one to Jupiter's Europa moon. That mission involves looking for alien life, Newsweek reported.

The job comes with travel. (We’ll just leave that there.)

Watching hours upon hours of "Star Trek" won't help those who apply get the job. Rather, they will need "broad engineering expertise," according to Newsweek.

Click here to check out the job announcement.

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