Mystery man identified in SUV cliff rescue

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Jason Warnock from Clarkston, Washington, has been identified as the good Samaritan who  pulled a driver from a car that was dangling off a cliff of an Idaho canyon Wednesday.

Warnock had left the scene before police could identify him. After he was later contacted by authorities, Warnock told police that he had spotted debris in the road and saw the SUV suspended by a chain-link fence.

Warnock attempted to break the window with a multi-tool. He later managed to calm Sitko and convince him to roll down the window.

In an amazing photo, Warnock can be seen pulling him from the vehicle.

Reports indicate that Mathew Sitko had been driving his GMC Yukon when he left the roadway and drove through a yard before crashing into a chain-link fence preventing him from plummeting into the canyon.

The driver sustained minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. Police thanked Warnock for helping Sitko.