Must-see: Crocodile propels itself out of water in terrifying video

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This could be your worst nightmare or the coolest thing you've ever seen.

National Geographic photographer Trevor Frost was filming a project about saltwater crocodiles in northern Australia and captured some POV footage of what it's like to get trapped in a croc's jaws, reports Mashable.

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But one of the most insanely cool clips he filmed shows the terrifying beast lifting itself out of the water with its tail as it tries to grab the dangling food above, leaving its hind legs hanging in the air.

Frost explains in the video description on his Instagram page:

"Crocodiles have incredibly strong tails. Their tails propel them in the water like torpedoes from a submarine. In fact, as you see here, their tails are so strong that they can propel their entire body out of the water. Crocodiles are so cool."

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