Mothers take a break on 'National Lazy Mom's Day'

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Forget Mother's Day in May. You know -- the one when moms get the macaroni necklaces, homemade cards and the burnt-beyond-recognition breakfast in bed that you really do love getting.

Friday marks the day that many moms may pray for: "National Lazy Mom's Day."

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It's a day like National Doughnut Day and National Pizza Day that's starting to take the Internet by storm.

Moms are encouraged to sit back and relax on the first Friday of September.

And by sit back, organizers mean really sit back: Let dishes stack up, forget the laundry and do something that a mom wants to do, not has to do.

What could moms want to do on their lazy day?

Sleep perhaps? How about ordering a pizza instead of making dinner? Reading a book or listening to music are also possibilities.