More parents come forward with complaints against pediatric dentist

About a half a dozen other patients have emailed, called or contacted Channel 2 Action News with complaints. Parents also say they have contacted the dentistry board, which is investigating.

"Mutilation ... it was absolutely butchered ... we got pictures," said Shane Orzechowski. He says his daughter went to Chang’s office Wednesday to get her wisdom teeth removed. Orzechowski went to Chang's second office, not the one where the incident in the original story took place.

"I heard the crunching and I felt the pressure of them tearing my teeth out," Shayna Orzechowski said.

"She would go to dig out the tooth and she would miss ... and it would stab me in the mouth."

The Orzechowskis say they went to a specialist on Thursday, who says that Shayna must undergo another surgery to correct what happened.

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Orzechowski says he has already filed a complaint with the Georgia Board of Dentistry.

Chang has not returned several calls for comment.

Sydney Patterson, another Carroll County parent, says she filed a board complaint in August, after an experience she had with the dentist involving her 3-year-old daughter.

“She literally clamped her hands around her mouth ... shut her mouth,” Patterson said.

According to a letter from the Georgia Board of Dentistry, state officials are investigating the incident, which happened in August. The letter noted that dental investigation can take 18 months or longer, and that the parent would be notified.

That is why the Orzechowskis say they are coming forward now.

“She can’t be playing with prized possessions. These are my kids, my only daughter I got and putting her through that is not OK with me,” Shane Orzechowski said, adding that he had spoken with investigators with the Georgia Dental Board today about what happened.

Chang does not have any disciplinary actions against her.  Some customers did leave positive comments on WSB-TV Facebook page.