Missing dogs found stuck between lava and fence, rescued

Dogs Rescued Near Lava After Missing for 10 Days

After they were missing for 10 days, two dogs have finally been rescued after an active volcano started spewing lava on Hawaii.

Brus and Little Dude ran away as firefighters evacuated their owner Carol Hosley from her apartment while Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted.

First, Jack-Russel-pug-mix Brus ran away from the firefighters, and then Little Dude, a black terrier mix, followed after him, Hawaii News Now reported.

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Crews from the Aloha Ilio Rescue went to look for the pair for 10 days. Eventually, they found them Sunday, trapped between a cooling lava flow and a fence.

"They were stuck behind a  fence, and they couldn't get out because the lava had surrounded them," Dayynn Kyles, president of Aloha Ilio Dog Rescuetold Hawaii News Now.

Rescuers crawled over grass and the fence to get to the scared dogs. The animals were also bitten by red ants and close to the 17th fissure of the eruption.

The dogs are now at the rescue's facility, which operates fully on donations, until their owner can find permanent housing.

At least 35 buildings have been destroyed by the volcano, NPR reported. Scientists are not sure when the lava flow will end.