Man tries to cut watermelon with sword, ends about as badly as you'd expect

For unexplained reasons, a man decides it's a great idea to use a sword to cut a watermelon -- a watermelon that is sitting on a glass table.

After a couple of practice runs, he swings the sword into the melon. As you might expect, this does not go well.

The table is left as a pile of glass shards, and the owner of said table does not seem thrilled.

A female onlooker immediately says, "That's exactly what I thought was gonna happen."

Us too, random lady. Us too.

While the man yielding the sword yells "sweet" and laughs, the person shooting the video seems less excited.

"Oh my god, my table," she can be heard saying from behind the camera.

The video, captioned "Ali cuts the watermelon" and posted to YouTube by someone named Kristin, is sure to note that the man featured in the clip is "completely sober."

The man who conducted the failed watermelon cutting feat can be heard acknowledging that "Well, I guess we're gonna need a new table."

Yes, and hopefully he's buying.