Man may have been killed by meteorite, Indian official says

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According to authorities, the first person in modern history has been killed by a meteorite.

The chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa Jayaram, said that a 40-year-old bus driver died after being struck by a meteorite just after noon on Saturday. The pieces of the object also impacted the nearby grounds of a college in Tamil Nadu, India.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the object left a four-foot deep crater.

"There was a noise like a big explosion. It was an abnormal sound that could be heard till at least 3 kilometers [about 2 miles] away," G. Baskar, a principal at the college told the Wall Street Journal.

The impact reportedly destroyed windows and windshields nearby. Classes have been suspended until Wednesday.

The object is described as rock fragments with a blue-ish black color resembling a diamond.

A team from the Indian Institiute of Astrophyics will investigate the object.

There was a reported death in 1825 according to the International Comet Quarterly.

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