Man accused of living as a stowaway on Amtrak trains

A man accused of essentially living as a stowaway on trains was arrested in Pittsburgh, police said.

Javon Damian Jones went before a Pittsburgh judge Wednesday morning after Amtrak police arrested him.

Police aren't revealing many details about why he was detained, but said they were watching Jones as part of a continuing criminal investigation.

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Jones is accused of having nearly $7,000 in train vouchers, and police said the credit card used to buy the vouchers was stolen.

Police said Jones made a number of daily trips from Chicago to Washington D.C. They said he always traveled alone in a sleeper cabin and carried no luggage.

Investigators said his address is questionable, his travel erratic and they can link him only to a community shelter in Cleveland. Jones is charged with receiving stolen property and being a stowaway.

Police said additional charges are pending.