Mail carrier called a hero after helping to save woman after fall

VIDEO: Mail Carrier Called a Hero After Helping to Save Woman After Fall

Michelle Binda has been a letter carrier in Quincy for a long time, so she knows the names of everyone on her route and recognizes the faces of many of them.

“She’s a lovely lady. She’s really nice to everybody,” Joyce Coletta, one of the people on Binda's route, said.

Binda's connection to the people she interacts with daily was potentially life-saving when she noticed the mail for a 90-year-old woman who she normally sees piling up. Concerned, she went to management at the complex.

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“I went to them and said her mail is sitting in her box and that’s just not her habit,” Binda recalled.

Binda’s awareness was a good thing for the resident.

“When they were knocking she never answered. So, they went in to the apartment and she was laying on the bedroom floor,” Binda said.

The woman had been trapped under a bureau for five days after falling.

“She was so dehydrated, she couldn’t really speak,” Binda said.

At least one neighbor bought safety devices after the close call, and others are calling Binda a hero.

“I think I felt that something wasn’t right. And I don’t consider myself a here, just doing my job,” she said.