Lost in Wyoming wilderness, three sisters reunited with family

After two weeks missing in the Wyoming wilderness, three sisters from Ohio are now home.

Megan Andrews-Sharer, Erin Andrews-Sharer and Kelsi Andrews-Sharer were reported missing after they did not return from a three-day hike, WBNS reported.

They were reported missing Sunday after not checking in with family.

Wednesday the trio was found after a guide in the Bridger-Teton National Forest found someone in an area where there were no trails. Within 20 minutes of a call to the sheriff's office, the women were found and eventually rescued by helicopter.

They were reunited with their father at the Swift Creek trailhead.

Officials with the sheriff's office told WBNS that the women were not hurt, but were cold, wet and hungry.

They were found about seven miles from where their car was located.

Officials credited the women's experience and planning for their ablitiy to survive, adding that they stayed together, used their tent and had the correct clothing for the excursion.