Kris Jenner files for divorce; Is the timing too perfect?

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Kris and Bruce Jenner are officially getting divorced.

And the timing is interesting. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" season finale aired about a month ago, at the end of August.

The pair legally separated in 2013. At the time, news hit that their relationship troubles would be a plot line in season nine, which was starting to film.

Indeed, the season premiere in January made headlines because it showed them announcing their separation to the family.

Messages have been mixed since then. In April and May, ahead of the show's June return following a hiatus, Kris was seen wearing her wedding ring...

... and posted on Instagram celebrating the couple's 23rd wedding anniversary.

They were even seen holding hands ... spotted by paparazzi at the airport, where the Kardashians are frequently photographed.

And E!, the show's home network, teased the season as a way to watch their relationship evolve.

On the show we saw the two live apart, but spend time together, never nailing down exactly what was going on.

So, it seems like their divorce filing, just after the season finale, again raises a question we asked nearly a year ago: Were their relationship troubles just used as a plot line for the pair's "reality" show? A way to drum up publicity as the ratings faltered?

In fact, the announcement comes just a day after the show's finale in the U.K.

Yet according to various reports on the news, sources say the two had been working out the terms for months.

Ultimately, the divorce is said to be amicable. There is no word on how all this will factor into a plot line for season 10.