'I'm inside a plane!' 911 call from worker trapped in cargo hold

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A 911 call reveals the panicked moments after a ramp agent woke up inside the cargo hold of an Alaska Airlines flight and realized it was about to take off.

Flight attendants heard him screaming from the cargo hold below the plane after the plane took off on Monday and the pilot turned around.

In the audiothe ramp baggage agent, who is employed by Menzies Aviation, is heard saying, "I'm inside this plane! Alaska Airlines Flight 448," to a dispatcher.  The flight was forced to make an emergency landing.

During a team huddle on Monday, the leader  noticed the employee was missing. The leader called into the cargo hold for the employee, called and texted the employee's cellphone, but didn't get a response. His co-workers  believed he had ended his shift and gone home.

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Airline officials said the employee passed a drug test Monday afternoon, after being checked by doctors at Highline Medical Center.

“He told first responders who spoke with him that he boarded the cargo hold and was taking a nap prior to the aircraft taking off,” said Bobbie Egan, Alaska Airlines spokeswoman.

According to Egan, "Immediately after take-off, the pilot of Alaska Airlines Flight 448, bound for Los Angeles, reported hearing banging from beneath the aircraft."