Impromptu jam session makes 3 random men viral stars

What started out as a trip to a Texas grocery store has turned three strangers in the latest viral sensations.

According to social media posts, Jamie Maldonado of Dallas was headed to the grocery store when he took notice of a street performer in front of the store and started to record video of him.

What started as a routine performance turned special moments later when the performer was joined by a seemingly random passerby who added his silky vocals. Then things became extraordinary when a third man happens on the duo and starts rapping in synch with the music.

The mix of harmonies is almost too smooth to be believed as a random occurrence.

After some internet sleuthing, the identity of the guitarist was finally revealed as Jesse Rya.

"Thanx everyone! This is awesome guys, if this is the start of something big -- I hope it stays about the power music can have on the soul. this is an example of how easy it should be for us to communicate," Rya wrote on Maldonado's Facebook page.

The video that was originally posted on Facebook has since been copied to YouTube and this version has more than 2 million views in just over a two days.

So far these reports have only been confirmed through social media. Given the attention, it won't be long before we hear more from the trio.