How prepared was Delta State University for the unforeseen tragedy?

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Police say Ethan Schmidt, a history professor, was shot in the head and killed in his campus office at Delta State University. 
The school went into lockdown as the search for the shooter intensified. FOX13 looked into the security protocols at the school to see how prepared staff and students should be in such a situation.
More than 50 pages in the school safety guide shows that Delta State has a plan in place for every emergency. Committees focus on each type of emergency, including natural disaster, fire and active shooter scenarios. 

The first line of defense for the 4,000 students is nine armed police officers on campus employed by the university. 
More than 300 crimes have been reported at the schools going back to 2012; four of them involved a weapon on campus. 
In the case of a life-threatening emergency, the school sends students a text alert. 

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Safety protocol calls for students and staff to do emergency drills twice a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The drills include an active shooter simulation. The safety plan also calls for a command center to be set up. 

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One was set up Monday.

A university spokesperson says investigators will share new info from the command center each time it becomes available.