High school students steal, crash assistant principal’s car

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Two teens face felony charges for stealing a car last month, crashing it and then fleeing the scene.  The car belonged to their assistant principal, and they stole it in the middle of the school day.

Patrick Wade’s car looks practically brand new, but that is the result of more than $7,000 in repairs.  He’s the person the two 15-year-old girls hit while they were on their joyride.

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"All but one of the lights are new, the grill, the bumper," he says, pointing to where the damage once was. His vehicle was better off than the one that hit him.
The stolen BMW was totaled after it came barreling around a corner on Dec. 2, slamming into Wade's while he was stopped at a red light.
"Hit me head on, pushed me back about eight feet," he said.
 To his surprise, the two girls inside simply got out and walked away.
"I was shocked really. Shocked," Wade said.
"I don't in my career ever remember a similar type of vehicle theft," said Robb Lamoureux, with the Marysville Police Department.
Marysville police said the car belongs to Marysville-Pilchuck High School Assistant Principal Lori Stolee. She even posted about the wreck on her Facebook page, but she didn't say it was caused by two 15-year-olds without drivers' licenses left alone in her office with her car keys.
 "They went a good 10 miles before they got involved in a collision," Lamoureux said.
After fleeing, one of the girls turned herself into police and then the other followed suit.  They face both felony and gross misdemeanor charges. Wade says that was tough to hear.
"That really sucked to find out they were only 15," he said.

"We never did stuff quite that bad when I was a kid."
A source said the two girls have been expelled from school, but the school wouldn't confirm that information with KIRO 7 News.  Marysville police say they are out of custody until they go to juvenile court.