High school grad accepted to 26 colleges, wins $3M in scholarships

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A Chicago high school graduate is making headlines after she was accepted to more than two dozen colleges and earned $3 million in scholarships.

According to WLS, Kenwood Academy valedictorian Arianna Alexander, who finished high school with a 5.1 grade-point average, won acceptance to 26 colleges – including six Ivy League schools. The aspiring entrepreneur decided on the University of Pennsylvania.

"It was a lot to take in. I received emails, letters. It was just like, 'Come here, come here!' They were bombarding me with all this information," Arianna told WLS.

Her father, Pierre Alexander, said he encouraged her to aggressively pursue scholarships after learning that another student had raked in $1 million.

"I planted the seed in Arianna's mind that you can do the same thing," he said. "So when the process got started and a million was achieved, let's go for two. I said let's go for three, and she did it."

After college, Arianna said she wants to own four restaurants and is already planning the menus.

"So as long as you work hard, I feel like there is always a way for you," she told WLS.