Hail storm pounds homes, vehicles across Denver

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Hail Storm Pounds Home And Vehicles Across Denver

Golf-sized hail pounded roofs, shattered windows and battered homes and vehicles causing widespread damage Monday.

Denny Cunningham cleared about 150 pounds of ice and broken glass from his house when the storm subsided.

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"It's definitely something I've heard about but never seen in person," Cunningham told KUSA. "It just looks like somebody had a ball-peen hammer and was smashing away at (the roof) putting dents. Mostly you can just see where the grit's been ripped off the shingles."

The hail ranged in size from pebbles to tennis balls. The largest piece of hail reported was 2 3/4 inches in diameter, National Weather Service officials said, according to the Denver Post.

Residents and businesses used snow shovels to remove piles of ice from sidewalks downtown. In other areas of the city, the Colorado Mills mall was closed because of flooding. Melting water also rose to the bottom of cars, forcing some to stall.

A luxury car dealership said about 300 of its cars including Audi and Porsche models were damaged, mostly broken windows and windshields, according to KDVR.