Grieving mom donates 131 gallons of breast milk after son suddenly passed away

A mother says donating her breast milk to other babies helped her cope with the sudden loss of her son, Leo.

Baby Leo was born two months early and spent 10 months at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

His mom, Demi Frandsen told WOWT that Leo was born with a rare disorder.

“There was no skin to pull over his exposed organs. It was kind of a new case they had not seen before,” said Demi.

Leo suddenly passed away in October last year. Since then she has donated 131 gallons of milk to babies in need.

“So, a dairy aisle, basically,” said Demi.

The milk was sent to the Denver Milk Bank, where it was pasteurized and sterilized, then sent to children’s hospitals to help feed babies in the NICU whose mothers couldn’t provide all the milk they needed.

Demi said she wanted to help provide for babies who were staying in the hospital for extended periods of time, just like her son.

She said the process helped her in many ways.

"He was worth it. He was worth all of this. His life in 10 months was the best 10 months of mine," Demi told WOWT.

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Posted by WOWT 6 News on Tuesday, August 2, 2016