Goose stuck in car grille survives after hit by pizza delivery guy

A Canada goose stuck in a car grille over the weekend after it was hit by a pizza delivery driver in Burlington, Vermont, not only survived a wild ride, but being struck by the car as well.

Papa John's driver Ryan Harrington told WCAX-TV he tried miss the bird Saturday but wasn't able to avoid it.

“I saw a goose waddling across the road. I slammed on my brake in response, but a little too late, and I heard a thud, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I just hit a goose,’” Harrington said.

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Without stopping, he drove back to the pizza restaurant, and said the last thing he expected was to find the goose alive and in his car grille.

"I was freaking out then because I have a live goose stuck in my car's front grate," he told the news station.

Harrington and his manager Tanisha Tyler called 911 and first responders were able to extract the goose from the grille.

They called its survival “a miracle.”

A wildlife rehabilitation group is caring for the injured goose and members said they expect it to make a full recovery.