Girl with cerebral palsy follows dreams of becoming entrepreneur

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Longtime entrepreneur Paul Monahan is passionate about his baking business. His patience, however, is an ingredient of which he is in short supply.

But a chance meeting between him and an Atlanta girl with cerebral palsy has presented an opportunity for her to follow her dreams of being a successful entrepreneur.

One day, while shopping for flour in Whole Foods, a girl named Bentley-Grace changed that for Monahan.

Grace, who has cerebral palsy, is also an entrepreneur. She is known as the little girl in Buckhead who bakes and sells brownies.

“I have these awesome delicious, outstanding, greatest brownies,” Grace said.

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So, impressed with Grace, her positive spirit and, of course, her brownies, Monahan invited her to a unique commercial kitchen operation where owners of small food businesses can do their cooking.

The professional foodies and cooks did a taste test with Grace’s brownies. Grace was offered a membership to work in the kitchen, get licensed and get her brownies in grocery stores.

It was seeing her brother earn money washing dogs that made Grace want to earn money, too.

Grace's mom says she is thrilled that a chance meeting in a grocery store aisle led to her daughter getting free use of a commercial kitchen and a chance to grow her dreams.

Grace said her secret to making delicious brownies is that they are made with love.