Girl who was burned in fire receives Christmas card from White House

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Safyre Terry, who was severely burned in an arson attack that killed her father and three siblings in 2013, was granted her wish when she received hundreds of thousands of Christmas cards for the holidays.

She will also be heading to Disney World in February.

But she may have just received the coolest present of all: a Christmas card from the Obamas.

ARSON SURVIVOR GETS CHRISTMAS CARD FROM OBAMAS: An eight-year-old girl who survived a fire that killed her father,...

Posted by FB Newswire on Friday, December 25, 2015

What's more, Terry's aunt and legal guardian told The Associated Press that the 8-year-old will forward some of the gifts and cards she's received to other children.

A card from the Obamas wasn't it though.

Students at the University of Albany surprised her with a 3D-printed hand as well.

Safyre had a surprise visit today. From students from UAlbany that have been working on a hand for her for months. You should have seen her face when they presented her with the first generation 3D printed hand. Priceless. Saf took to it right away. She even picked up a cup the within a hour of having it. They have to tweek it a bit. But she should have it back in a few days. HOPE FAITH LOVE TO ALL

Posted by Safyre Schenectady's Super Survivor on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The project took them months to complete, Terry's aunt said on Facebook. The girl loved it and "took to it right away" and picked up a cup within an hour of using it, her aunt said.

The students will make some minor adjustments to the hand and Terry will have it back shortly.

Terry suffered burns on over 75 percent of her body. She's undergone 50 operations already and is scheduled to have another one on Jan. 5.