Girl just wanted to sell lemonade for her 5th birthday

A little girl in Marshfield just wanted to sell lemonade for her fifth birthday, her mom said.

Mariah got her birthday wish when her parents built her a wooden lemonade stand, which she then decorated with signs and balloons.

"As a mom, I was nervous to say yes, the least we all know a lemonade stand can be hit or miss and I didn't want her to be disappointed on her birthday," Mariah's mom, Jaci Mason, said.

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But after a quick Facebook post to the neighborhood, the family says neighbors showed up in droves to support Mariah's business and help her have "the best birthday ever."

According to her mother, Mariah spent five hours at the stand and made $109.

Of course, that's not what Mariah cared about.

"She never asked for how much she made or even asked about the money she was just so happy to be out meeting people," Mason said.

Mariah's plan was to use the money to save up for a trip to Disney, but her mother and she decided to put the money to better use and have asked the community Facebook page for suggestions on a charity to which they can donate the money.

"Mariah is very excited about this and her father and I are so very proud of her," Mason said. "We can't thank the people of Marshfield enough for coming out and showing Mariah so much birthday love."

We don't have any photos of all of her customers, because her mother said there was a strict "no phones at work during business hours" rule in effect - per Mariah.

Mason says Mariah's Sweet Treats will be back open for business again soon.