George W. Bush photobombs sports reporter at Rangers game

Credit: Mike Stone/Getty Images

Credit: Mike Stone/Getty Images

Former President George W. Bush caught Texas Rangers fans by surprise Wednesday night when he appeared unexpectedly behind a Fox Sports Southwest reporter as she reported live from Globe Life Park in Arlington.

The moment lasted maybe two seconds, as the 70-year-old Bush paused and called out, “Hey,” to reporter Emily Jones, who was reporting on the team’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies. Jones did not react, and some fans watching at home might not have noticed the familiar face behind her.

Many did, though.

Jones also tweeted about the moment after the fact, calling it her “most favorite photobomb ever.”

Bush, who was a managing general partner of the Rangers from 1989-1994 before becoming Texas governor, remains a big fan of the team and can often be spotted at home games. Along with Rangers fans, the former commander-in-chief also left his family startled by his moment on camera.

Daughter Jenna Bush Hager, a news correspondent on the Today show, said Thursday that she was on a plane when it took place and found out about it afterward.

“Every time I land, I feel like my dad becomes another meme,” Hager said.

The former president tickled the internet in January when he struggled to put on a poncho at President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration.

"At the inauguration, I was like, 'Be on your best behavior,' (and) there he is with the poncho," Hager said on Today. "You can't take him anywhere."

Hager said her father was unaware of his latest moment in the spotlight until she told him about it.

“I actually texted him and I go, ‘Dad, photobomb somebody?’” Hager said. “He goes, ‘What's a photobomb?’ He had no idea.”