FLU SEASON: Why parents should watch this video of baby's labored breathing

As flu season approaches, a mother shared a video that she hopes will serve as a life-saving warning to other parents.

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The video of her baby, Luna, was taken about a year ago, Charlie O'Brien said on Facebook, where she posted the video that has generated over 1 million views.

O'Brien wrote:

"When Luna was 4 weeks old she had a really quiet day of sleeping and barely any crying (unusual for Luna!) I was watching her sleep next to me and realized it didn't look right. I unbuttoned her babygrow and this is what I saw. Sucking in at ribs is a sign to get your baby or child to hospital. She had bronchiolitis and her oxygen levels were very low. Luckily, after a night on oxygen, she made a very good recovery. We're heading into the dreaded season of non stop colds coughs and viruses so thought it was worth a mention."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise parents monitoring for flu symptoms that if "your child develops a fever, has shallow, slow, or rapid breathing, or is less responsive than normal, contact your child's doctor."

The CDC recommends annual influenza vaccination for everyone 6 months and older with an age-appropriate flu vaccine. The CDC notes in its flu documentation, "Children younger than 6 months old are at high risk of serious flu complications, but are too young to get a flu vaccine. Because of this, safeguarding them from flu is especially important."

The CDC also recommends that caregivers of children get flu shots annually.