Florida teen who killed grandma got advice on how to dispose of body from social media chatroom

Teen who killed grandma learned how to dispose of body from social media chatroom

A teenager who killed his grandmother will soon learn how long he will spend in prison.

Logan Mott, 17, pleaded guilty to killing his grandmother and trying to cover it up.

Mott’s father, Eric, took the stand Wednesday on day one of his sentencing hearing.

Investigators say Logan Mott shot and stabbed Kristina French while she lay in bed and then buried her body in the backyard back in November 2017.

The prosecution showed the video of his arrest near the Canadian border, where Mott was heard speaking with border patrol agents.

The prosecutor, Joseph Licandro, also showed photos of French’s wounds.

A major revelation Wednesday was that Mott was active in what’s being described as a communist online chat room. People in that group even gave Mott advice on how to dispose of a body.

Mott’s dad was the final witness of the day. At one point, he described how kind his mom was and how he couldn’t think of any reason Mott would want to hurt her.

French’s uncle was also in court. He read a letter that both he and his wife wrote.

They said French moved to Florida a few years ago because she didn’t want to “miss Logan growing up."