Florida teacher suspended after proposing exam question about Donald Trump

A Florida teacher has been suspended after an exam question revealed his bias against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, WBPF reported.

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Malik Leigh, a law teacher at Palm Beach Lakes High School in West Palm Beach, Florida, was suspended after proposing a question for an end-of-term exam that would have asked students what would happen if Trump became president.

The question read:

"If a Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, we are:

A. Screwed

B. Screwed

C. Screwed

D. Screwed behind a really YUGE wall that Mexico pays for."

"This is an absolute no-no," said Dr. Robert Avossa, the school district's superintendent. "We send out information to our teachers regularly about staying away from individual political parties."

Leigh's curriculum had been questioned by staff members before.
Another question on the exam read:

“When performing an opening statement, it is best to:

A. Wink at the judge

B. Find the hottest person on the Jury and focus your words on them

C. Speak to them as if they are cordial friends

D. Treat them like the MORONS they are."

Leigh said the question about Donald Trump was intended to be a "gimme" question that all students would receive credit for, regardless of their answer. He noted that the intentional misspelling of the word "huge" is evidence that the test question was not to be taken seriously.

"If anyone gets offended, well, you kinda had to be there," Leigh told WPBF. "You're just upset you weren't in on the joke... You have to have fun in a class. Especially a law class. It can be boring. So I pulled some of the jokes that go on during class."

Leigh's students never saw the exam because of a district policy that requires teachers' testing materials to be approved by the school administration.

"We saw some lesson plans and some tests, etcetera, that were brought forward that were reviewed before the kids took them, which is good. That means the principal is doing what she needs to do," Avossa said. "However there were some surveys that were administered to the students that were absolutely not appropriate and that's another piece to this puzzle."

School officials decided not to renew Leigh's teaching contract, which prompted him to sue the school district.

He defends his exam and all the questions he proposed.

"There isn't a single question on there that's inappropriate," he said.

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