Florida peeping Tom uses drone to spy on women in high rise, police say

Police are looking for a peeping Tom who using a drone. (Photo: WFTV.com)

Police are looking for a peeping Tom who using a drone. (Photo: WFTV.com)

The park around Lake Eola offers a great view of the downtown skyline, but Orlando police said someone's been peeping into some of the apartments closer than the naked eye can see with either a super high-powered camera or a drone.

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"I don't even think about people watching me or anything like that. So, to me, that's just mind-blowing, honestly," said downtown resident Mary Pericles.

Women who live in The Waverly and Post Parkside apartments say they've seen a drone flying outside their windows at least three times.

“It really takes my sense of security away,” said downtown resident Caitlin West. "Because we live in apartments, we think we can just leave our windows open and that we have security because we're high up."

They fear someone is watching them undress.

From ground level, if you can't see someone inside someone’s apartment, state law says that person has reasonable expectation of privacy. It's illegal to record images where you can see more than that from a drone.

"People will go to any lengths to get what they want. It's not surprising, unfortunately. I wish it was," said West.

"There has to be something wrong with you. There has to be some type of mis-wiring up there for you to think that's OK. Oh gosh, I hope they find them,” said Pericles.

Detectives said they have photo evidence that shows a victim inside her downtown apartment.

“I will definitely be more cautious now. Definitely will be on the lookout for something like that,” said Pericles.

Because the investigation is ongoing, police said they cannot provide any other details, but they want residents to call them immediately if they see a drone outside their window.