Florida man hit dad in face with pizza after learning he helped deliver him, police say

A Florida man who found out his father helped deliver him when he was born inexplicably smashed hot pizza in the older man’s face upon learning the news, police officials said.

Robert Thomas Houston, 33, of Holiday, is charged with domestic battery, according to Pasco County Jail records. He remained in the county jail Monday in lieu of $150 bond.

WFLA in Tampa reported that sheriff's deputies were called Thursday to the Houston family's home, where they found a pizza slice on a chair and cheese and sauce strewn around the room. According to an arrest report obtained by the news station, Houston's father told the deputies that his son became angry after learning he'd helped deliver him in 1985.

The man said that he'd gone for a walk with his dogs as his son waited on the porch for a pizza to be delivered, WFLA reported. When he returned from the walk, his son held him down in a chair, smashing the pizza in his face and screaming at him.

"The victim began to flail around, trying to get the defendant off of him, at which point the defendant went outside and awaited law enforcement," the report obtained by the news station said.

The responding deputies found Houston waiting for them.

“He walked up to me and turned around putting his hands behind his back, saying he knows I'm going to take him to jail,” a deputy wrote in the report.

It was not known why the news surrounding his birth upset Houston, WFLA reported. Two family members present at the time of the attack corroborated the father's statements.

Jail records indicate Tuesday is Houston's 34th birthday.