Florida man's encounter with shark caught on video

A Florida diver had a close encounter with a shark while stranded in the Atlantic Ocean and now he is telling his story.

According to Florida Today, 68-year-old Randy Fales, of Satellite Beach, was out on a boating trip Sunday with his family when he decided to go spearfishing underwater.

Fales, a scuba diver since 1980, entered the water while his family on the boat watched a jug tied to an anchor line that was being used to relay information about where Fales was located. After a separation in the line, Fales surfaced to find himself stranded in the Atlantic Ocean, off of Brevard County, with no boat in sight.

“The thought of the movie ‘Open Water,’ you just think, 'Wow, this is just like the movie,” Fales told Florida Today.

His situation became increasing dire when he noticed a 6-to-8 foot shark aggressively circling him in the waters below. He captured the scene on a GoPro camera that he was using.

“He came real close to me one time and when I kicked, I kicked his pectoral fin,” Fales said.

While swimming in the ocean one hour later, he noticed a second shark approaching him.

Before Fales was exposed to any more danger, he was picked up by another boat and reunited with his worried family.

Fales wasn’t shaken by his close encounters.

"I’m hoping to be able to go diving this weekend," he added.