Firefighter finishes lawn mowing for man who collapsed during yard work

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WATCH: Firefighter Finishes Mowing Lawn for Man who Collapsed During Yard Work

Lawn maintenance can take a lot out of a person, but luckily firefighters were able to lend a hand to a man who passed out while cutting his grass.

Steve Weeks went out to cut his grass on Thursday, but an hour later his wife saw that he had collapsed in their yard.

"I looked out the window and I could see him lying on the ground just flat out like he was dead. It was horrible," JoAnn Weeks told KPTV.

She and her son called 911 and while they waited, Steve Weeks started coming around, telling his wife that he felt dizzy.

When first responders arrived and loaded him into the ambulance, Steve Weeks was joking with them.

"Steve said something, he was joking about when they got him up on the gurney he says, 'Well I hope you guys are going to stick around and mow my lawn,' and they just laughed," JoAnn Weeks told KPTV.

Then as JoAnn Weeks got ready to follow her husband to the hospital, she noticed that one firefighter fulfilled Steve’s request and continued the lawn mowing.

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"We were starting to load our rig up and I asked the driver, I'm like, 'Hey where is Erik at,' and he was like, 'Erik is back cutting the grass,'" Lt. Jeffrey Hairston told KPTV.

"I looked at the lawn and said, 'You know, that just seems like the right thing to do,'" firefighter Erik Olson told KGW. "The trimming around the concrete probably wasn't perfect but I got the majority cut for him."

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Steve Weeks was treated for dehydration and released from the hospital, KGW reported.