Fearless miniature poodle chases bear away from home

Casper the dog may be mini, but he takes his job of patrolling the Riggar family seriously.

The 7-pound, 7-year-old miniature poodle enjoys chasing groundhogs and rabbits, but on Sunday, he ran into something much bigger – a bear.

"It doesn't surprise me that he was chasing after a bear," said Casper's owner, George Riggar.

Riggar said he was cutting the grass when he noticed the side door open.

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"The window was broken out, so the first thing I thought was someone broke into the house," Riggar said.

But nothing except for Casper was missing.

"I went down two streets, and the neighbor said he saw the dog chasing the bear through the woods," Riggar said.

Riggar put it all together and realized the intruder was a 100-pound black bear. He believes the cub of the mother-cub duo neighbors have been seeing for weeks pushed his way through the door and then ran into Casper.

Neighbors found Casper and brought him home.

"He has gotten a lot of treats and hugs from everybody," Riggar said.