Father sentenced for not contacting 911 when child was being abused

Andre Price Jr.

Credit: WPXI.com

Credit: WPXI.com

Andre Price Jr.

A father was sentenced Monday for not telling police his girlfriend was abusing their toddler.

Andre Price Jr. was sentenced to 11 to 23 months behind bars or possible alternative housing and four years of probation.

Price pleaded guilty earlier this year to child endangerment charges. He admitted that his girlfriend, Christian Clark, had sent him videos that showed her abusing their son and threatening to kill him.

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Police said Clark killed her 17-month-old son and tried to kill her 2-year-old daughter. Clark pleaded guilty to homicide and attempted homicide. She will spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Christian Clark

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Credit: WPXI.com

In court Monday, the prosecuting attorney asked for a harsher sentence for Price, saying Price kept those videos on his phone and that he was the only person who could have prevented his son's death.

Price said tearfully to Judge Edward Borkowski that he was sorry and repeatedly said he missed his son.

Price's defense attorney said Price's sentence was fair and that Price is remorseful.

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"I think what he said to the judge about missing his son every day was 100 percent heartfelt," attorney Jimmy Sheets said. "I think when he told the judge that his youngest son looks a lot like the son he lost, that was real. And he misses him on a daily basis and he asks 'what if?' every day."

After the sentencing, Price was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs.