Fan buys World Series ticket on StubHub for $3

A baseball fan got the steal of a lifetime. Someone selling a ticket to game 1 of the World Series at Fenway Park accidentally sold a ticket on StubHub for $3 dollars. Not $300, not $3,000 but 3 bucks!

The receipt of the sale was posted on Deadspin. With the service fee the lucky fan named Eric was able to wrap up the whole sale for $6 dollars.

Here's a map of where the ticket is and its not even in the upper deck! (Via CBS Sports)

The lucky fan might even be able to snag a foul ball from the seat. The cheapest ticket in the section on StubHub is listed for around $500, the average is about $800, and the most expensive is priced for more than $11,000,

"Why would anyone sell a ticket that cheap? We have no idea and I'm guessing that the seller has no idea either. I'm guessing someone didn't hit a decimal point and a couple more zeros." (Via ABC)

We don’t know why anyone would sell a ticket that cheap either - but a writer for CBS Sports feels for the seller.

"Someone really, really screwed up. ... I legitimately feel bad for the seller, assuming this was a mistake and not just an act of kindness." (Via CBS Sports)

Either way -- someone is still going to the game and Eric is a very happy guy.

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