Family dog shot by police, deputy leaves note

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A dog in Owasso, Oklahoma, was shot by a police officer Wednesday night and left on a family's porch bleeding from the wound.

A note from the Rogers County Sheriff's Office was left on the front door.

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"A deputy came over to ask some questions regarding the neighbors house and felt threatened by my dog," owner Angie Laymon told KOKI. "So he shot him on my porch. That was their story."

The note left by the deputy said the dog attacked him but Laymon said the dog did not bite the officer.

A Rogers County deputy was in the area investigating  a crime when he felt threatened by the dog and shot it to protect himself.

The department said multiple deputies arrived to try to helo the dog before the note was left.

Sheriff Scott Walton said there were no "Beware of Dog" signs.

Laymon said her family came home and saw the dog bleeding.

Bruno was taken to an animal hospital for treatment and underwent amputative surgery for his left front leg.

A GoFundMe page was set up for Bruno's medical costs and surpassed its $10,000 goal.

In an update, Laymon said the dog was not feeling well and he "had no interest in food or treats, which makes it nearly impossible to give him his meds."

Laymon said she is wants the county to pay for the dog's vet bills.

But a neighbor said the dog is trained to attack.

"This isn't just a sweet, innocent dog," one woman, who didn not want to be identified, told KOKI Friday. "The dog was trained to be like that."

Since the story spread, neighbors and people who have done business at the Laymon's property have filed reports that the dog was aggressive.

Laymon sells cars on her own property.

The woman said Laymon commaded Bruno to attack her when she was on Laymon's property arguing about a car purchase.

"It scratched at my ankle and bit me on my hip," she said. She did not file charges since she was on Laymon's property.

A 2014 report said the dog bit a man on the ankle and drew blood when he was looking at a car at Laymon's house.

He did not file charges.

Documents related to that report show Laymon was told to keep the dog away from customers if she was going to sell cars at her home.

According to the document, Laymon agreed.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office is investigating the entire incident from the beginning.

Bruno isn't feeling so well today. Had a little scare last night because he had no interest in food or treats - which makes it nearly impossible to give him his meds. We think he is hurting quite a bit.....

Posted by Angie Kaemmerling Laymon on Monday, March 7, 2016