Family's basement fills with animal blood from nearby butcher business

Animal blood from local butcher business seeps into family’s basement

A family in Iowa has a nightmare to deal with in its basement.

The family says a neighboring business is filling the lower level of its home with animal blood.

The Lestina family lives next door to a butcher shop, and for 10 years, that fine, But then Nick Lestina said a new owner took over the company called Dahl's Custom Meat Locker, WHO reported.

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Lestina said he saw red liquid coming from his sump pump, The Des Moines Register reported. The liquid turned out to be blood.

The business's owner, Kaitlin Dahl, told an environmental specialist with the Department of Natural Resources that she slaughtered hogs and cattle earlier this month and flushed the blood down a floor drain, the Register reported. Underground, the drain at the slaughterhouse and the drain under Lestina's home connect to the same pipe, WHO reported.

Officials believe a clog or break in a common pipe is causing the blood to seep into Lestina's home, the Register reported.

Originally, Lestina said the owners were not going to help pay for the cleanup, WHO reported, but earlier this week, he said that they have been in communication and that the butchers have offered to help pay the cleanup and repair bills that are expected to surpass $2,000, the Register reported.

The animal blood, bones and fat are now being pumped into a tank and will be pumped out by a contractor and disposed of correctly, according to the newspaper.

Lestina and his family are living with relatives until the basement can be cleaned.