Explosions and gunfire in Jakarta: What we know now

The Associated Press contributed to this report

The first explosion went off in a Starbucks cafe near the popular Sarinah shopping mall. The area also has many luxury hotels, embassies and offices. A gunfight broke out after the bombing and for the next few hours authorities hunted the suspected attackers. Grenades were thrown at authorities. Police said they have since taken control of the city again.

The country has been on high alert since authorities said they foiled a plot by Islamic militants to attack government officials, foreigners and others. About 150,000 police officers and soldiers were deployed on New Year's Eve to guard churches, airports and other public places.

President Joko Widodo denounced the attacks in a statement reported by The Jakarta Globe.

"We all grieve at the loss of life from this incident," he said . "I have ordered the police chief and the chief security minister to chase down and capture (the perpetrators), those who were (involved) in this incident and those in their networks ... As a nation, a people and a society, we cannot be defeated or made afraid by acts of terror such as this."

At least seven killed

A Jakarta police spokesman said seven people died in the attacks on the city's downtown area. National police spokesman Gen. Anton Charilyan told The Associated Press five attackers were among those killed along with two civilians: a Dutch citizen and an Indonesian. However, some confusion lingered. A Dutch Foreign Minister spokeswoman said the citizen was seriously injured and undergoing surgery.

Multiple bomb blasts shook Jakarta

According to local media reports, at least six explosions took place in Jakarta Thursday. The first three appeared to be part of a coordinated attack at a central Jakarta Starbucks. The other three, in Cikni, Silpi and Kuningan neighborhoods, took place later near the Turkish and Pakistani embassies, Indonesia's TV One reported.

Attacks included at least three alleged suicide bombers

Witnesses told The Associated Press at least three suicide bombers exploded themselves in a Starbucks cafe in downtown Jakarta. At least two other attackers, armed with handguns, then appeared to open fire at a nearby police post. Among their arsenal were multiple grenades.

However, Charilyan denied any suicide bombers were involved in the attack.

Attack appears to be related to ISIS

No group immediately took responsibility for the explosions. The Aamaq news agency, which is affiliated with the Islamic State group, said ISIS carried out the attack, quoting an unnamed source.

The report, in Arabic, said a source told Aamaq that "fighters from the Islamic State carried out this morning an armed attack that targeted foreigners and the security forces tasked with protecting them in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta."

United Nations office in Indonesia placed on lockdown

Jeremy Douglas, a regional representative for the U.N., shared updates on Twitter after a bomb exploded in front of the U.N.'s new Indonesia office.

He described chaos as the sound of gunfire echoed through the air. The U.N. office was put into lockdown as authorities searched for the attackers.