Enraged parents attack teacher with a brick after cellphone taken from student

Parents Allegedly Attack Teacher with Brick after Cellphone Taken from Student

Pittsburgh police arrested a woman Thursday accused of assaulting her daughter's teacher after a parent teacher conference.

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Suspect Daishonta Marie Williams, 29, allegedly waited for Pittsburgh King elementary school teacher Janice Davis Watkins after school Wednesday. Williams is accused of following Watkins in her car, throwing a brick at her car at a red light, dragging her out of the vehicle and assaulting her.

Williams is facing several charges, including aggravated assault and stalking.

Police are trying to identify a man who was with Williams at the time of the alleged attack.


teacher was attacked after class Wednesday: hit by a brick, dragged out of her car and assaulted.

That teacher is recovering after her kids said she was brutally attacked by the parents of a child who weren't happy with the way she handled a punishment.

"It's just ridiculous and it's horrible," said Gerald Watkins, the victim's son. "That's the way they teach their children to solve differences."

Pittsburgh King pre K-8 teacher Janice Davis Watkins was attacked Wednesday afternoon after her children said she took away one of her elementary school student's cellphone.

"There's 102 ways that you can deal with this situation and violence is not one of them," Gerald Watkins said.

Watkins' children said their mother held a conference with the student's parents Wednesday at school after the child allegedly bit their mother when she took away her cellphone Tuesday.

They allege the parents of the child threatened her during the conference, then waited for her, following her from the school.

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"As soon as she hit the red lights, they got out," Gerald Watkins said. "They threw a brick through her car. They pulled her out and assaulted her."

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