Enraged hawk smashes drone to the ground

Christopher Schmidt was flying his quadcopter around Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when he learned the hard way that his toy wasn't welcomed in the sky.

His copter, equipped with a GoPro camera, catches the moment a hawk launches toward his drone and knocks it from the air.


The camera continues to roll as the copter crashes to the ground.

The hawk likely wasn't thrilled with the drone in his territory and took it out.

Schmidt, who has his own website of "flying, photography and other geek pursuits," said he believes the hawk came out unscathed, and "having defeated his prey, was happy to retreat."

"As soon as he flew at me, I throttled down the props to try to minimize any harm to the bird," Schmidt wrote on YouTube. "The quadcopter came out unscathed as well."

A commenter on the video, Michael Nestler, jokes, "The latest anti-drone technology. Highly effective."

—Story originally appeared on News965.com