Elderly man beaten for several minutes on NYC street, police say

An elderly man who refused to hand over his money to two would-be robbers was beaten for several minutes in an attack caught on a home surveillance camera.

The 79-year-old man was walking on a Bronx sidewalk early Friday morning when two men got out of a car and approached him, NBC New York reported. Police officials told the news station that the men demanded cash from the victim.

In the video, which was obtained by the news station, one man shakes the victim's hand, then rears back with his arm and punches the elderly man in the face. The victim falls to the ground, raising his hand up to ward off any other blows.

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Both men continue to attack him, even as he crawls into the street to get away. The NBC affiliate, which stopped the video as one of the men delivered the first kick to the victim’s face, reported that the punches and kicks were repeated for several minutes before the attack ended.

The men fled when bystanders approached, the news station reported.

The victim, who suffered a broken jaw, is seen in the video shakily getting to his feet and stumbling away.

The suspects remained at large Monday.